Buller District Council

Infrastructure strategy

The district faces multiply infrastructure challenges, these include:

  • Managing the effects of natural hazards and climate change.
  • Maintaining a safe and secure water supply network.
  • Replace and upgrade our infrastructure to ensure it is efficient, cost effective, fulfills legislative requirements, does not adversely affect the natural environment, and is fit for the future.

Eliminating all the risks which the challenges present is simply unaffordable for the community, given Council’s high level of rates reliance and the district’s small rate payer base. As such, we have worked hard to deliver an Infrastructure Strategy (IS) that represents value for our communities.

Building, operating, and maintaining Council’s infrastructure assets in an affordable manner while considering the possible impacts of climate change is becoming increasingly difficult. Additional strategic considerations are:

  • Central government’s Three Water Reform and Taumata Arowai
  • Mitigating and adapting to climate change.
  • Zero Carbon Act requirements
  • Other changes to government priorities and the legislative environment.
  • Environmental impacts and sustainability.
  • Ageing infrastructure and resilience.
  • Economic shifts affecting affordability.
  • Changes in technologies and major industries operating within the district.

In response to the risks and strategic considerations identified above, Council has developed its 30-year IS against the framework of the five community outcomes it is seeking to achieve for the communities it serves. Council is aware of the role of infrastructure in providing the basic needs of residents and underpinning economic activity and is aware this must always be delivered with affordability central to the strategy.

Read the Infrastructure Strategy.


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