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Bylaws are discrete pieces of law created by councils that specifically apply to a district. These locally applicable forms of legislation deal with district-specific issues that are not already covered by any existing Acts of Parliament or Regulation.

Bylaws help ensure that our community is safe, healthy, and vibrant. They are usually made to cover one or more of the following purposes:

  • protecting the public from nuisance
  • protecting, promoting, and maintaining public health and safety
  • minimising the potential for offensive behaviour in public places.

The Buller District Council has adopted the following bylaws, which operate throughout the district. Copies of all bylaws are available to view at the Buller District Council and the Reefton Service Centre.

Where Council has adopted Model General (New Zealand Standard Association) Bylaws, these should be read in conjunction with any other related Council bylaws. Not all Model General Bylaws are currently available in electronic form.