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Getting ready for the big splash this summer?

Summer is coming and Council wants your summer to be safe. If you have a swimming or spa pool on your property this must be compliant with the Building Act 2004.

If you are considering purchasing a swimming pool make sure that any pool capable of holding 400mm or more of water is fenced.

The construction of a pool fence is not exempt and therefore you must apply for a building consent and obtain a code compliance certificate before building any pool. It is worth getting it right since failure to comply could be very costly and may result in a disappointing end to the Christmas season for your children.

Council meetings

Want to know how your Council makes decisions?  

You can follow Council meetings during our live stream or watch recordings of previous meetings on our YouTube channel. 

We also live stream hearings and other Council events to our YouTube channel.

How we’re shaping our district

Our goal is to promote the well-being of our local communities. We have a wide range of responsibilities under the Local Government Act. Local government affects you daily. We encourage you to get to know us and to find out more about how you can participate in local decision-making.

The Toki Poutangata bridge comes to life

Watch the making of the Toki Poutangata bridge and listen to the incredible story of strong partnerships, local craftsmanship, and a gifted treasure that is behind this ambitious project.

Get out and about in Buller

Our 8,574 square kilometers boasts two national parks, one forest park, and two heritage areas, all offering the opportunity to experience peace and tranquility or excitement and adventure. Our district is unbeatable in its diversity, and a great playground to work, live and explore.

Ordinary Council Meeting - Adopt Annual Report

3:30pm Wednesday 14 December 2022

The annual report is prepared every year to report on how we performed against our targeted budget and work programme for the year.

Council launches West Coast transport survey

Open until 19 December 2022

Give your feedback how you experience Council-owned roads, bridges and footpaths on the West Coast, and what is your preferences for future transport improvements.

Living in Buller

With an enviable climate, laid-back lifestyle, and friendly community vibe, the Buller district is a great place to live, work, and visit.

Buller has so much to offer. You will be surrounded by national parks, beautiful beaches, and an abundance of outdoor activities. The added bonus of never worrying about traffic or parking, leaves plenty of opportunity to get out and explore, creating exceptional work life balance.

Check out where we are with our proposed Keeping of Animals Bylaw 2022 consultation.

Council reviewed the present model general bylaw for the keeping of animals in the Buller District to seek feedback on the updated version.

Bylaws are discrete pieces of law created by councils that specifically apply to a district.

Residents could make a submission from Tuesday 13 September to 4:30pm Tuesday 11 October 2022 during the consultation period.

Hearings will be held in December with a decision expected to be made by the end of December.