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Council Committees

All the elected members and the Mayor make up the Council. The full Council meets monthly, and occasionally for special purposes.

Why does Council have committees?

Because there is a large volume of business to conduct, Council forms various committees to oversee specific functions. The Mayor is a member of all committees with full voting rights.

Buller District Council currently has two committees that have specific functions delegated to them by Council. The committee structure is reviewed at the start of each triennium. 

View the full Terms of Reference and Delegations for Council and Committees of Council 2022 - 2025

Buller District Council committees

You will find details about the specific committees and their functions below.

Chairperson: Sharon Roche – Independent Chair

Membership: The Mayor, all Councillors and Māori Representative

Meeting frequency: Bi Monthly


The Risk and Audit Committee is responsible for:

  • Monitoring Council’s financial strategy, and financial performance against the Annual and Long Term Plans.
  • Monitoring Council’s interests in its Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs).
  • Reviewing the Council’s risk register and associated process for managing current and emerging risk.
  • Ensuring the independence and effectiveness of Council’s External and Internal Audit processes.
  • Monitoring existing corporate policies and recommending new or amended policies as required.
  • Ensuring that council policies and practices will prevent unethical, questionable or illegal activities.
  • Providing a communication link between management, internal auditors/external auditors and Council.
  • Supporting measures to improve management performance and internal controls.

Terms of reference

Risk And Audit Terms Of Reference And Delegation 2024 - 2025

Chairperson: Linda Webb

Membership: Inangahua Community Board

Meeting frequency: Bi monthly


  • The purpose of these delegations is to give effect to the local community empowerment model which is a partnership approach to the governance of the District that will primarily be delivered through the Inangahua community board.
  • The intent of these delegations is to delegate authority and, as far as possible, responsibility to the Inangahua community board to allow the community board to effectively govern and provide recommendations to the Buller District Council regarding local issues associated with their areas.
  • In making these delegations the Council recognises that it is ultimately responsible for the governance of the district and therefore retains the right to set minimum standards and to review community board recommendations associated with the exercise of these delegations.
  • In making these delegations the Council undertakes to:
  • Provide for and give consideration to community board input into significant governance decisions affecting the respective community board area.

Terms of reference

ICB Terms of Reference and Delegations 2024 - 2025

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