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Class 4 gambling and TAB venue consent

It is necessary to apply for consent from Buller District Council for gaming machines and TAB venues.

'Class 4' gambling is essentially gaming machines in pubs and clubs (i.e. outside a casino). Class 4 gambling may only be conducted by a corporate society and only to raise money for an authorised (e.g. community and non-commercial) purpose.

TAB venues are premises that are owned or leased by the New Zealand Racing Board and where the main business carried on at the premises is providing racing betting or sports betting services under the Racing Act 2003.

You will require consent from Council: 

  • to establish a new Class 4 venue;
  • to increase the number of gaming machines at an existing Class 4 venue to more than the number operating at that venue on 22 September 2003, or more than the number previously consented to by Council;
  • to establish a new TAB venue;
  • if it’s the first time there is an application for a Class 4 venue licence for a venue that did not hold that licence on 17 October 2001.

Council will consider applications for consent in accordance with its Class 4 Gambling and Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) Venue Policy.