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Recycling and waste management for businesses

If you are a business and produce large amounts of recycling and waste, Buller District Council has some advice how to manage these large quantities.

What waste and recycling collection service does offer Buller District Council? 

Buller District Council offers kerbside collection services with a 240L yellow lid recycling bin for general recycling (plastic, cans, paper, cardboard), a 45L crate for glass per property in recycling and waste management zone one. A 60L pre-purchased bag is used for refuse. Recycling is collected fortnightly. Refuse is collected weekly. 

The service is tailored to only collect quantities of recycling and refuse that an average household is expected to produce. If your business generates larger quantities of recycling or waste that do not fit in the recycling containers, you will need to manage your large quantities of recycling and waste as a commercial business. 

Options for businesses with large amounts of waste and recycling 

For refuse you can purchase as many bags as you want or, arrange an agreement with Smart Environmental Ltd who are offering a service to collect refuse and from commercial businesses.  

For recycling Council offers to businesses who are generating large amounts of recycling, to have a maximum of two set of recycling bins (2 glass crates + 2 wheelie bins).

If you want to have two set of recycling bins, there will be an extra cost for the second set of bins which will be charged in your rates. For the latest fees and charges please look up our waste charges. Bins requests should be done through our online bin request form   

Another option is to drop off your excess of waste and recycling, that does not fit in the bins or bags, at the closest Transfer Station and Recycling centres in Westport or Reefton. 

Refuse us charged per tonne of refuse, you can look up the current charges under Fees and Charges on our Transfer Station page. Dropping off recycling is free of charge if the recycling is separated correctly. You would need to sort the recycling by material and place it into the containers as follow: 

  • Papers and cardboard need to be clean and dry 
  • Glass sorted by colour (clear, green and brown) 
  • Aluminium cans and tins need to be clean  
  • Plastics #1 #2 and #5 only, rinsed and lids off.

Scrap, e-waste, large and small batteries are also received on site free of charge.  

What not to do?

Please do not leave excess recycling pilled next to the recycling bins. This creates problems for Smart Environmental staff when collecting the recycling and is a safety and health risk for pedestrians.

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