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Glass recycling

Glass can be recycled either through kerbside collection (certain areas), or by being taken to Westport and Reefton transfer stations.

If you want to make sure that your glass recycling does not end up in landfill, be a local hero and rinse your glass well, check it isn’t broken, take lids off and we will do the rest.

Glass recycling in the Buller District

If you live in zone one in the Buller District your glass recycling will be picked up every two weeks. Check our recycling map to find out when your recycling is picked up.

Once you have figured out your collection day and week make sure that you:

  • Put your glass recycling out by 7:30am on your collection day
  • Place the glass crate as close to the kerb as possible and clear of the footpath
  • Do not over fill your glass crate. Overfull glass crates are a safety hazard. You must ensure the glass is level with the top of the crate or it may not be picked up.
  • Extra bottles can be taken to the Westport or Reefton Transfer Station for FREE.

Glass recycling needs to meet a high standard to be accepted by manufacturers who turn your bottle into a new product. If your glass recycling does not meet these standards it will go to landfill.

Common things that will send your glass recycling down this path are broken glass, glass in the main recycling bin (and not the special crate) and things that are not accepted such as lids and dirty glass.

To avoid this grim destiny, make sure you:

  • Check your glass recycling and only put accepted products into your recycling. Read what to leave out in this helpful guide.
  • Take lids off your glass recycling (dispose of these in your refuse).
  • Rinse your glass recycling to make sure it is clean.

If you dispose your extra glass recycling at the Westport or Reefton Transfer stations, you need to colour-sort your glass recycling.

Check out the guides below to get colour sorting right.

Now that you know how to do it correctly – get into it and make sure your glass recycling has a second life.

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