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Agrecovery collection sites are available in both Westport and Reefton, for free drop-off of rinsed agrichemical containers up to 60L in size.

The programme can recycle a range of containers used for common dairy and farming uses such as weed spraying, shed washing and teat sprays for cows.

Containers will be inspected and must meet the following criteria:

  • Up to 60 litres in size
  • Lids removed
  • Free from chemical residues inside and out. Containers must be triple rinsed and adequately drained.
  • Product label left on.

Collection centres are based at Farmlands Westport, and the Reefton Transfer Station

Opening hours:

Reefton Transfer Station

Tuesdays and Thursday to Sunday, 1pm-4pm
Farmlands Westport (12 The Esplanade, Westport 7825)

Monday – Friday 8am-5pm. Saturday 9am – 12pm

Agrecovery – how does it work?

Agrecovery is New Zealand’s safe and sustainable solution to dispose of unwanted agrichemicals and the recycling of empty containers, drums and IBCs. 

To accept containers, chemical residue or dirt has to have been rinsed out and if the drum is associated with Agrecovery brand partners it is free to recycle. These include the range of farm necessities like teat spray, weed spray and acid to clean the milk shed.

The collection by Agrecovery takes place on a quarterly basis across New Zealand. Westport’s Farmlands hold a shipping container which allows farmers to drop off 0-60 litre containers for free (providing that it is a recognised brand).

Agrecovery can do free on-property collection of 61-1000 litre containers by arrangement. To dispose of the containers correctly, participants are asked to use the ‘triple rinsing method’ and ensure the container is free from any residue. Farmers just need to sign up either on Agrecovery’s website or see instore at Farmlands and follow the guidelines for acceptance.

Onsite property collections can also be arranged where there are more than 300 containers, as well as drums and intermediate bulk containers. Farmers would need to book this service via Agrecovery’s website.

Unwanted left-over agrichemicals are also accepted, with on-site pickup. Agrecovery partners with over 80 recognised participating brand owners with their chemicals free to dispose of. Some chemicals are free for disposal and collection, others are subsidised. Contact Agrecovery to find out more.

Why does it matter?

Agrecovery’s goal is to “Farm for the Future,” to benefit the environment and health of farming workers and animals.

Farmers using burial pits and burning piles to eradicate household and farm waste. Agriculture chemicals in particular pose an immediate health risk to the people, environment and livestock.

Either through direct contact, ground seepage or airborne substances. Agrecover’s goal is to safely dispose of unwanted chemicals. Agrecovery has recycled around 3.5 million containers since 2007.

An Agrecovery user comments; “Good environmental practices are important; we have to think about the next generation and the generation after that.”

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