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Class 4 gaming venue application from Club Buller

An application has been submitted by Club Buller, 44-46 Queen Street, Westport, 7825 to the Buller District Council to increase gaming machines in an existing Class 4 gambling venue at the premises known as Club Buller, 44-46 Queen Street Westport.

The current number of gaming machines on the premises is ten. The application requests an additional five gaming machines, bringing the total number of fifteen machines to be approved.

You can view Club Buller's full application here.

Any person could make a submission online or using a paper form on this application by delivering a written submission. Submissions were accepted between 12 - 26 January 2024.

Submitters who wished to speak to their application spoke to councillors during the hearings on Wednesday, 22 May 2024. 

Councillors discussed the application, considering written and verbal submissions during the deliberations. 

Council decided to decline Club Buller's application to add 5 new machines to the Class 4 gambling venue at Club Buller in Westport.

You can find out more about the application process on our Class 4 gambling and TAB venue page