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What yellow and red means for your home

20th July, 2021

Within the next day or two Westport properties in flood-affected areas will have been assessed by a building inspector.

Buller District Mayor says “We realise this is an extremely difficult time for people of Westport and we understand that people want to see their homes and understand the damage.

“This is why we have allowed home owners to access some of the flooded homes and buildings however we must ask that you take extreme care.

If entering a flooded building you must use personal protective equipment (PPE) if you handle items that have been in contact with flood water.

Treat all flood water as being contaminated.”

There is a traffic light system in place to let you know clearly how your home has been assessed.

  • Red sticker Although it says ACCESS PROHIBITED we are allowing home owners in to pull up carpets and collect belongings. There is no threat to life by entering the building. We advise it is NOT safe for people to stay for long periods or sleep in. If you are unable to stay with family and friends, please contact the Community Hub at the NBS Theatre, 9am-4pm through to Sunday for temporary accommodation.
  • Yellow sticker means you can move back in, IF it is safe to do so. Before you do, please disinfect anything flood waters may have come into contact with. If you are in a situation where you cannot immediately move back into a house with a yellow sticker (for example, if you have a young baby or a health condition or are not in a position to clean up effectively), you do not need to move back in. If you can’t stay with friends or family, please get in touch with the Community Hub and we’ll find you temporary accommodation.
  • No sticker on your house? That means it is classified as green. From an outside inspection, there appears to be no damage.  But if you think you have suffered flood damage, you will need a building inspection.

Safety information when entering flooded houses:

  • You must use personal protective equipment (PPE) if you handle items that have been in contact with flood water. Tread all flood water as being contaminated.
  • Treat all items that have been in contact with flood water as contaminated. You must disinfect these items.
  • If your house has water in it, and the power is still on, please leave your house immediately and contact Buller Electricity, as there is a serious risk of electrocution.
  • If you have had water in your house, there is potentially a serious risk of electrical hazard, and you need to get an electrician to check this before using any power.
  • Flood damaged houses will have power disconnected by Buller Electricity until Homeowners can ensure it is safe to electrically re-connect. Homeowners need to contact an electrician to make the necessary checks and obtain a Certificate of Compliance from their electrician. Please call BEL on 03 788 9904 with enquiries.
  • Don’t forget that there’s a Boil Water Notice in place for Westport and Carter’s Beach, and a Water Conservation Notice for Westport, Carter’s Beach, Punakaiki and Inangahua.

The Buller District is continuing to respond to the flooding emergency. The initial rapid impact assessments completed at 2pm Tuesday 20 July are as follows:

  • 2418 addresses have been assessed as part of the Rapid Impact Assessment process.
  • 81 are in the red category – severe or total damage
  • 368 are in the yellow category – moderate damage
  • 1960 are in the green category – none or slight damage

The main concentration of severe damage is in the area between the racecourse and the port, an area adjacent to the domain, the area around the Queen and Disraeli St intersection, the Eastons Rd/Kawatiri Pl area and some houses in the Colvin St area.

Residents in the red category are not able to reside in their homes at present.


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