Buller District Council

Contractors working hard to re-establish essential services across the district

11th February, 2022

This week’s storm has caused major infrastructure damage to the Buller region, but work is well underway to restore transport and essential services to residents.

Road and aerial assessments undertaken over the past two days have shown considerable damage to the district’s roading, stormwater, and rail infrastructure.

Significant damage has impacted the areas north of Waimangaroa, and in the upper and lower Buller Gorge, Rahu Saddle, Inangahua, Reefton, and Lewis Pass areas.

Farm infrastructure, houses, and access roads on some farms have been impacted, with road closures and surface flooding disrupting milk collection.

Buller Emergency Management teams have been in contact with most farms they are aware have been affected, to offer support.

Mohikinui township was flooded with at least five houses suffering flood damage.

The district was left isolated due to road closures during the event. Contractors were able to open the Coast Road to Greymouth yesterday afternoon, however other main arterial routes remain closed, including the upper and lower Buller Gorge, SH67 Westport to Mokihinui, SH67 Mokihinui to Karamea (Karamea Highway), SH65 Shenandoah, and SH7 Lewis Pass.

Many of these routes have inaccessible areas, with contractors working their way through significant numbers of slips so that full infrastructure checks can be undertaken. Water supplies in Waimangaroa, Inangahua, Reefton and Ngakawau were affected by the flood.

Emergency water supply for Waimangaroa residents is in place. The Waimangaroa water infrastructure was heavily impacted, with significant damage to both the water line and access road. Work is likely to be ongoing throughout the weekend to effect repairs.


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