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Community-Led Revitalisation Fund: Little Wanganui Hall Kitchen Upgrade

15th October, 2020

Thanks to a successful grant application to the Community Led Revitalisation Fund (CLRF) the Little Wanganui Hall (LW Hall) has had a spruce up.

In the 2018/2019 financial year the Little Wanganui Reserve and Hall subcommittee was granted $21,000 from the CLRF to upgrade the kitchen in the Little Wanganui hall.

The project group have purchased and fitted a blue seal eight burner gas convection oven, turbofan electric convection oven, ecowash steriliser/dishwasher, aqua UV water filtration system with spare filters and lamps, 600 liter chiller and 400 liter glass door chiller, large stainless steel prep bench, and numerous small sundries (cutting boards, baking trays, pots, pans etc.).  A custom built range hood was recently installed.

In the past two months, the Little Wanganui Hall subcommittee has utilised and worked out a few kinks in the kitchen.  The local pub closed its doors after the Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown and the community wanted a place to gather so the subcommittee decided to open up the hall for Friday night pizza and a Sunday potluck dinner. They have been a great hit, and it is wonderful to see the kitchen utilised to service a need in the small community.  Kathy Blum has been approached by one person interested in renting the kitchen in the future for a small business endeavor and hopes there will be more. The 65th Annual Whitebaiter’s Ball coming up along with a wine and cheese competition next year these events are the annual fund raisers for the hall.  It will be a joy to have a kitchen that can cater to the needs of these events.

Many hours of volunteer help from various trades people has made the project a success.  PNG Plumbing, Mollison Electric, Steve’s Flooring, Caltex, Palmers, Jeremy Anderson, and Steve Smail all volunteered their time. Kathy says “it has been amazing the people that were willing to take time and advice on this project.”

“Time and availability of volunteer trade work has taken some time to organize but many were there to help the cause for our small community. Peter Casey has been great help directing us in affirming we were going in the right direction to make this kitchen ready to certify as a commercial grade kitchen.”

The subcommittee has heard from locals that are excited and look forward to having a commercial kitchen available in the community.  “It has been a need for some time and we are appreciative of the council giving us this ability to create this asset for our community.”

Councils Community, Environment and Services Committee have agreed to move the CLRF funding round from February 2021 to November 2020.

This change will allow successful applicants the opportunity to carry out their revitalisation projects over summer.

Buller District Council has committed $150,000 per year to the CLRF. The fund is contestable and is designed to support projects that will transform our public spaces, bring new life to our communities and enhance community wellbeing and grow community ownership of our places through the contribution of volunteers, and strengthen the relationship between Council and the community.

Previous funding has also supported the installation of a disk golf course along the Esplanade in Westport, upgrades to the boatshed area at the end of the Kawatiri River Trail, and planting and seating areas at the front of the Karamea RSA.

Applications can be submitted now and will close on 26 October. The Community, Environment and Services Committee will then consider and deliberate all applications on 11 November.

Application forms and further information can be found on Councils website www.bullerdc.govt.nz/funding


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