Buller District Council

Kawatiri Dredge update

8th April, 2021

Council discussed the Kawatiri Dredge last Wednesday in the public excluded part of the council meeting.

Members of the public can be excluded during parts of council meetings if commercially sensitive information is being presented. This was the case last week when Councillors considered a report from staff about the Kawatiri Dredge.

Ms Mason said the report provides a clear plan on how to create a sustainable dredging operation.

“The strategy that was commissioned recommends a stepped approach to position the dredge as a stand-alone strategic asset which is sustainable.

To achieve this, work is needed on the dredge in the short and medium term, and further down the track.”

Council approved $200,000 be spent on immediate works as recommended in the report prepared by SGS.

It also noted the requirement for future further investment of $2.2m repairs and slippage costs in 2022 conditional on commercial dredging contract work being secured.

A recommendation to endorse that no outer port contracts are signed until a private business opportunity is understood to underpin the predicted $2.2m investment for repairs and slippage works was accepted.

The Kawatiri Dredge and the future of the port is one of several key things Council will seek feedback on during its draft 2021 – 2031 Long Term Plan consultation process between 16 April – 18 May.

Council has reported that it will proactively release the report once staff have worked through the process of redacting commercially sensitive information as it is required to do.


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