Buller District Council

Media Statement – Offer Favours Ratepayers

1st October, 2020

Buller District Council Mayor Jamie Cleine and BT Mining Ltd today announced $155,000 funding from the Buller Resilience Fund is available as the Buller District’s community contribution to the Westport advanced flood warning system.

In a letter to West Coast Regional Council chairperson Alan Birchfield, Mayor Cleine advised that on behalf of the community he approached BT Mining Ltd to explore the possibility of their contribution to the Buller Resilience Trust being directed to the proposed flood warning system.

“They agreed that this is an excellent use of the resilience fund to improve the safety of Westport and the surrounding areas.”

If the proposal is accepted by West Coast Regional Council (WCRC), the arrangement will enable co-funding from the crown to be released and the project to proceed without the establishment of a special rating district.

“To have the project go ahead without any extra financial burden to ratepayers, or a special rating district being established, is of great benefit to the district and ratepayers.”

Bathurst Resources Ltd executive director and chief executive Richard Tacon said: “We are very pleased to support this fantastic project and have agreed to fund this directly whilst the Trust is being set-up. The trust had planned to contribute to a solution to address the Historic Hector Dump which Buller District Council has now secured other funding for via the Provincial Growth Fund. When the Mayor approached us, we could clearly see the importance of this project to community resilience, it’s a no brainer for us”.

If WCRC accepts the offer an agreement between BT Mining, the Mayor, the resilience trust, and the regional council would be established to formalise the arrangement.


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