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Creative Communities Scheme


Creative NZ is a central government organisation which is the national agency for the development of the arts in New Zealand. Their purpose is to invest resources in arts in Aotearoa for the long-term benefit of our wonderful country.

Each year Buller District Council receives a grant from Creative NZ under the Creative Communities Scheme. The purpose of this scheme is to support and encourage all local communities to create and present a range of opportunities, for those interested, to be able to access and participate in arts activities within our specific geographical area.

The Buller District Council has established an Assessment Committee for this funding pool. This Committee is made up of two Councillors, one person from the local Iwi, one person from each of the Community Arts Councils, of which we have three (Karamea, Buller that covers the Westport area, and Inangahua), plus two community members.

Funding criteria

The project you are applying for must meet one or more of the following criteria:

Participation – Create opportunities for local communities to engage with, and participate, for example:

  • Performances by community choirs, hip-hop groups, theatre companies or poets
  • Workshops on print making, writing or dancing
  • Exhibitions by local craft groups promoting weaving, pottery or carving
  • Festivals featuring local artists
  • Creation of a community film or a public artwork by a community
  • Seminars for local artist development

Diversity – Support the diverse artistic cultural traditions of local communities, for example:

  • Workshops, rehearsals, performances, festivals or exhibitions in Maori or Pasifika heritage or contemporary art forms
  • Workshops, rehearsals, performances, festivals or exhibitions by local migrant communities
  • Arts projects bringing together groups from a range of different communities
  • Workshops, rehearsals, performances, festivals or exhibitions by groups with experience of disability or mental illness

Young people- Enable young people (under 18) to engage with, and participate in the arts, for example:

  • A group of young people working with an artist to create a mural or street art
  • A group of young people creating a film about an issue that is important to them
  • Printing a collection of writing by young people
  • An exhibition of visual art work by young people

The project must also:

  • Take place within the Buller District
  • Be completed within 12 months of funding being approved
  • Not have started or finished before Creative Communities Scheme funding is approved
  • Not have already been funded by Creative New Zealand’s other arts funding programmes.

Types of project costs that could be funded:

  • Materials for arts activities or programmes
  • Venue or equipment hire
  • Personnel and administrative costs for short-term projects
  • Promotion and publicity of arts activities

Types of projects that cannot be funded:

  • Fundraising activities
  • Developing galleries, marae, theatres or other venue or facilities
  • Local council projects
  • Projects which are mainly focused around other areas e.g. health, education or the environment and that only have a very small arts component
  • Arts projects in schools or other education institutions that are the core business of that institution or that are normally funded through curriculum or operating budgets

Closing date for the next funding round is: 4 November 2019

Please see below for the Creative Communities Scheme Brochure. This brochure tells you if your project is able to be funded through the Creative Communities Scheme and how to make an application.
Applications for funding under the Creative Communities Scheme can be downloaded below.
Closing dateFor projects that begin afterApplication Form
11 November 201925 November 2019CCS Application Nov 2019
CCS Application Nov 2019
3 February 202017 February 2020CCS Application Feb 2020
CCS Application Feb 2020

Please contact us if you would like more information.

In Buller there are three Community Arts Councils which cover the three areas, contact persons for these are

Inangahua Community Arts Council covering the Inangahua Ward, contact Daisy Sawyers 03 732 8542

Karamea Community Arts Council covering the Seddon Ward, contact Kathy Ramsay 03 782 6808

Buller Community Arts Council covering the Westport Ward, contact Mary McGill 03 789 7158


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