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Book a council reserve

For any person or groups wanting to use any public open space which includes any event, e.g weddings, large picnics and barbeques, sports/club/school activities.

  • We require you to provide the information requested in the attached booking form at least one month prior to your event, unless you require a road closure then it is at least 60 days prior to the event.
  • Following a review of your application we will contact you to request any further information if required.
  • Once all information is received, subject to availability, we will confirm your booking and advise you of any conditions that may relate to your booking, including any fees/bonds if applicable
Event/ Activity info
Why are you holding this event/activity?
If the event/activity is part of a series please list other dates and areas being used. NB: If any specific requirements are requested, costs may be applicable.
Contact info
Registered company if applicable
Name of contact person
Name of alternative contact person


Noted here as guidance only is a list of many of the general responsibilities applicable to your event/activity.

Buller District Council’s standard conditions will be issued with your approved event/activity form and may contain other items from those listed below.

  1. Access to properties 

The venue remains public property at all times unless prior approval is given for roads/tracks to be closed. The organiser needs to ensure that access and egress for residents, businesses and emergency vehicles and other users is available at all times;that the public is not unduly inconvenienced, and that public and private access ways are kept clear at all times. 

  1. Charges (if applicable) 

The organiser is responsible for any fees or service and supply charges associated with the event/activity. 

  1. Bond 

The organiser may be required to provide Buller District Council a bond prior to the event. The purpose of the bond is to cover the potential costs of any breach of these conditions and also repairing any damage and undertaking any clean-up work. 

  1. Cancellation 

If the event is cancelled the event organiser must notify theCouncil on the first available working day. Upon cancellation, the bond maybe refunded once all expenses incurred have been deducted. 

  1. Facilitation information

The event organiser may be required to supply additional information including but not limited to, health and safety declaration, site map and public liability insurance. 

  1. Compliance with rules and legislation 

An approved event provides the organiser with limited permission to occupy public land for the purposes stated and shall not be deemed to amount to any other consent, approval, or licence that may be required for the running of the event/activity. The organiser is responsible for complyingwith all relevant legislation and any other rules applying to theevent/activity. 

  1. Licences 

The organiser shall obtain all appropriate licences (e.g., liquor, food, building consents, special effects, temporary structures and marquees) prior to the event. 

  1. Gardens/reserves 

Please note that Council will endeavour to have areas well maintained for events/activities. However, this may not always be possible due to seasonal factors and unforeseen circumstances. 

  1. Safety 

The event organiser will be required to read, sign and comply with any relevant health and safety policy as supplied by the Council and must adhere to any current Ministry of Health COVID 19 rules and guidelines. 

  1. Electricity 

The organiser shall, where electricity is being used for the event, make sure all electrical equipment used must be tested, tagged and in good, safe working order. 

  1. Compliance with directions 

The organiser shall ensure that all participants comply with instructions and directions including site hazards that have been identified. 

  1. Responsibility for equipment 

The organiser shall provide, place and remove all temporary structures, road markings,signs, rubbish bins, toilets, equipment, props or other structures or devices associated with the event. Removal of such equipment shall take place immediately after the event. All equipment and structures used must be in good, safe working order. 

  1. Responsibility for clean-up 

The organiser shall ensure that any area associated with the event/activity is left in a clean and tidy condition, including surrounding areas. The removal and disposal of all rubbish shalltake place immediately after the event, and all rubbish is to be disposed of off-site by the organiser of the event/activity. Charges may be applied if these conditions are not met to a required standard.

  1. No damage or fixtures to property 

The organiser shall ensure that all parks, reserves, wildlife, stock, vegetation, buildings and other facilities are not damaged or unduly disturbed at any time during the event or any set up or pack down period associated with it. Report any damage as soon as possible. Charges may be applied if these conditions are not met to a required standard.

  1. Keys 

If any keys are required for the event/activity for access, then they will need to be collected from the Buller District Council office on a working day, between 8:30am and 4:30pm, prior to the event/activity. 

  1. Force majeure 

The event organiser understands and agrees that their event may not be able to proceed without notice, if a natural disaster, fire, flood, earthquake or other similar major event beyond the Buller District Council’s control makes it impossible for the event to take place. Where practicable, the Buller District Council will consult with the event organiser before exercising this clause.

Please note:
At times Buller District Council parks and reserves may be closed for public safety.