Buller District Council

Responses to LGOIMA requests

Council proactively releases information that is released as a result of LGOIMA requests. You will find info that has already been released on this page. This content will be updated regularly. Please note the following…


In order to protect the privacy of individuals, we will not publish personal information about individuals, or information that identifies individual requesters.

Summary of request

LGOIMA responses will be published with a summary of the request.

Council’s Proactive Release of Information Policy

You can read the policy here.

Information that has already been proactively released

April 2021
Customer Satisfaction Survey Report (1Mb)

March 2021
Proactive Release – Staff Engagement Survey Summary Report (622KB)

March 2021
Buller District Council Climate Climate Change Commission Submission (2Mb)

February 2021
Proactive Release – Staff Engagement Survey Report

January 2021
Proactive Release – Regional analysis and forecasting for long-term planning for Buller District Council (540Kb)

December 2020
Proactive Release – Quarterly Economic Monitor Buller District(173Kb)

October 2020
Proactive Release – Code of Conduct Redacted (120Kb)


Responses to LGOIMA requests

December 2021
211202 – Request for Annual Survey of Coast Councils

November 2021
211102 – Request for Westport Flood Event Feedback
211104 – Request for Information – Okari Road, Cape Foulwind
211109 – Request for Fossil Fuel Usage in Councils
211111 – Request for Information re Operation Outreach – Westport Flood Recovery

October 2021
211015 – Request for Monitoring of Resource Consents
211014 – Request for Information re BDCs position – Three Waters Reform
211011 – Request for Drinking Water Quality Data
211004 – Request for BDC Level of Service during Lockdown Levels

September 2021
210907 – Request for Recycling Bin Statistics
210910 – Request for Chlorine_Trihalomethanes Levels in Reefton Water & Other Queries
210913 – Request for Information provided to MfE – Adaption preparedness Baseline Report
210913 – Request for Buller District Council Treasury Management Policy
210917 – Request for Information regarding Unpaid Infringements
210920 – Request for BDC Iwi Representatives Remuneration
210921 – Request for 2017 AON Report

August 2021
210813 – Request for Information re Building Consents 2019_2020
210823 – Request for Information re Noise Complaints from November 2019

July 2021
200723 – Request for Recycling Information

June 2021
210608 – Request for Closed Council Meetings last 12 months

May 2021
210511- Request for information re Reserve Contributions
210525 – Request for Class 4 Grant Funding Info
070521 – Request for Swimming Pool Inspection Information
030521 – Request for KiwiRail Tradewaste Permits_Consents in Buller District

010521 – Request re Drug Alcohol Testing

April 2021
270421 – Request for Mayor & Deputy Mayor Salary 2019_2020
260421 – Request for Inangahua Water Supply Information
130421 – Request for LGOIMA Charges

March 2021
290321 – Request for Climate Change Commission Submission
220321 – Request for Dog Control Statistics
080321 – Request for 2021 Ratepayers Report

Note: Only responses issued in the previous two years from the latest response are displayed. Please contact lgoima@bdc.govt.nz  if you require responses prior to this date.


How to request official information from Council

Use this link to find out how you can request information held by Council.


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