Buller District Council

Reefton Water Supply- Boil Water Notice Update

24th January, 2020

Status of the Boil Water Notice:

Council wishes to advise consumers on the Reefton water supply that the current Boil Water Notice remains in effect.  Council will review this status on Monday 27 January.

Please refer to attached Frequently Asked Questions for further information on boil water requirements. Council apologies for any inconvenience and appreciates your cooperation during this time.

Details of the Reefton Water Supply:

During daytime hours, the Reefton water supply is primarily served by a “duty/stand-by” pump system at The Strand treatment plant.

During times of peak use (and through the night, when the pumps are turned off), the system relies on gravity flow treated water from storage elevated at the east end of town.

New tanks were installed last year to increase treated storage capacity. However, in times of high use such as summer holidays, the older reservoir is still needed to meet demand.

Details of the Event:

On Wednesday 22 January, a routine water sample taken at the town reservoir was reported to Council as testing positive for E.Coli.   A Boil Water Notice was issued in accordance with Council protocols for community safety and public health.

Council’s operations team have since sterilised the reservoir water so that the retesting process can commence.

Process to lift Boil Water Notice:

The first of three retest samples will be taken today, with lab results known by tomorrow. Further samples will be taken tomorrow and Sunday. If all three tests return clear, the notice will be lifted as soon as Monday 27 January.

If any of the samples return a transgression, further reservoir cleansing will be required and the testing process will recommence. In accordance with Council protocols, three ‘all clear’ results are required before the boil water notice can be lifted.

Further Updates:

A further information update will be provided on Monday 27 January.

Below is a sheet of frequently asked question in regard to boil water notices:
Boil Water Notice FAQ’s (516Kb)


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