Buller District Council

Reduction of treated water storage capacity for the Reefton Water Supply

1st October, 2019

From Monday 7 October 2019, the Reefton Water Supply will be operating with reduced treated water storage capacity while the current reservoir is isolated from the supply.

Recent New Zealand wide changes relating to increased levels of microbiological testing required for drinking water by the Ministry of Health has highlighted a deficiency with the current Reefton treated water reservoir, leading to the necessity to remove it from the reticulation whilst a solution is sought by Council.

Five 30,000 litre tanks have been installed adjacent to the reservoir to provide hygienic treated water storage. This tank farm as an alternative will provide approximately 15% storage capacity in comparison to the current reservoir. However, whilst there is a loss of resilience to the supply in terms of treated water storage, the recent upgrade to the pump shed has increased resilience in terms of water supply. This has been achieved through the installation of a second automated pump in place of the ageing manual standby pump that previously served the town.

The current reservoir will remain isolated from the supply until a suitable solution has been selected and implemented. With the decrease in treated water storage, while the main reservoir is offline, Council would appreciate all consumers on the Reefton Water Supply being mindful of the amount of water used in and around their homes each day and limiting this where possible. Water conservation will help ensure that a consistent supply of water will be available to all consumers on the reticulation at all times.

For ideas on conserving water around your home, visit Council’s website www.bullerdc.govt.nz/water.

Council appreciates the co-operation of residents during this time.




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