Buller District Council

Media Release – Reefton Water Supply

5th May, 2020

Buller District Council is encouraging community feedback on the upgrade of the Reefton Water Supply through the draft Annual Plan community consultation process.

The community consultation process enables anyone to make a submission about Council’s planned works and its budget for the next financial year, which is due to start on 1 July 2020.

Council’s manager infrastructure delivery Eric de Boer says Council is aware the Reefton community has strong interest in what is going to happen to its water supply.

“We recognise and acknowledge that safe drinking water is a key aspect for the Reefton community. Council respects these views and sincerely wants to receive feedback on the project. The draft Annual Plan community consultation process provides a way for Councillors to receive feedback and consider it before the Annual Plan is adopted.”

All submissions that are received will be shared amongst Councillors for review before they deliberate the draft Annual Plan in the middle of June. This is when they will decide if they want any changes made before finalising the plan.

Council says it will engage with the community via a range of ways to provide information about the project.

“We will be working closely with Councillors and Inangahua Community Board members to ensure that the community’s questions are answered, and robust information is available.

A list of FAQs is being compiled. We will continue to add to this as we move forward.”

Reefton is currently on a precautionary Boil Water Notice (BWN), which, on advice from Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB), will not be lifted until the system can demonstrate adequate protection against the recontamination of treated water.

Council accepts the advice from CDHB which confirms that chlorination is the only acceptable way to lift the BWN and remain compliant with new drinking water standards.
“Compliance requires changes to the current network infrastructure and other system improvements so that the water is safe to drink as well as being of good aesthetic quality. This includes acceptable levels of taste, odour and colour.

Everyone wants a long-term solution for Reefton water to ensure it is safe, compliant and fit for the future.”

FAQs Reefton Water Supply (352Kb)


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