Buller District Council


There are two landfills in the Buller District – in Karama and in Maruia – owned by the Buller District Council.

The Karamea landfill is operated by Westreef Services Ltd and the Maruia landfill is operated by the local community.

These sites serve the local community to dispose their refuse. Both landfills are classified as municipal landfills (class 1). This means residents from zone two and zone three can dispose household as well as commercial refuse in their local landfill, except, construction and demolition waste, hazardous waste, excavated natural material or refuse from industrial sources

There are no landfills in Westport and Reefton. All refuse from zone one – being the majority of the refuse generated in Buller – is transported and disposed off at the Nelson landfill.

Photo: Karamea landfill

Photo: Maruia landfill


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