Buller District Council

Kerbside collection

When is recycling and refuse picked up?

Recycling is picked up fortnightly and refuse is picked up weekly in zone one.

What information do I find on my bin? 

Your wheelie bin has a label on the side like the image below. This label displays your:

  • Bin number (bins are registered to the address not people)
  • Street name
  • Property number
  • Day and week (week one or two) for collection

Looking at the example below, if you would live at 135 Manchester Street, your refuse and your recycling will be collected on Tuesdays in week one. This means in February 2014 you have to put your bin out on Tuesday 2 February . The next time you can put your bin out for collection is Tuesday 23 February, following the fortnightly pattern.

Using our recycling map you will find the same information.

Bin label and Calendar example

How do I place my bins?

Please read the bin placement guide (243Kb) to make sure you use your recycling bins correctly.

How can I find out when to put my bin out

With the information from your bin label and the recycling calendar or using your address in our recycling map you can find out what day and week to put your bin out.  You need to use the recycling calendar to find out what dates to put your bin on the street.

You can view or download the recycling calendar below, collect one from council offices in Westport or Reefton, or sign up to our quarterly newsletter Connect which included recycling collection information.

If you live at Brougham Street, Westport

Please note that both sides of Brougham Street in Westport are now collected on Mondays. Recycling collection in the week one and week two pattern remains the same.

Why CCTV cameras on the recycling truck?

In Buller, on average 37% of recycling is contaminated. This means in each 10 kg of recyclable material collected during kerbside collection, 3.7 kg is contaminated and goes to landfill.

In order to improve the quality of collected recycling the Buller, Smart Environmental Limited’s (SEL) kerbside collection truck are fitted with CCTV cameras and an interactive monitor in the driver’s cabin. The cameras are installed in different locations on the truck. They enable the driver to scan, log and view the quality of the recycling as it is coming on board the truck when recycling is being picked up from resident’s kerbside bins.

The system is used for waste collection and monitoring of properties with kerbside collection. This includes properties located in Buller’s waste collection zone one, which is Westport to the Mokihinui Bridge, Westport to Punakaiki, Westport to Reefton including Blacks Point, and Reefton to Ikamatua.

For more details read our media release New waste contract management system goes live in Buller


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