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Westport Water Trunk Main project stage 1b coming to an end

21 Jul 2023

The final stage of council’s Westport Water Trunk Main Replacement Project stage 1b will kick off from Monday 24 July 2023. This will include the replacement of the pipe connections at McKenna Road and the west side of Scotts Bridge.

The project is part of a critical investment strategy to replace Westport’s 100-year-old, 14” steel trunk main with a new 450mm and 400mm diameter polyethylene (PE) pipeline.

Manager Infrastructure delivery Eric de Boer says: “It is great to see this project tracking along well and section by section replacing the outdated trunk main. We already have completed a big chunk of the work putting in brand new PE sections of pipe that will eventually connect the town with the water supply behind Westport.

The completed sections include the $4M Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) funded 700m terrace section and the 2km section through to Scotts Bridge, delivered by WestReef Services Ltd and Hadlee & Brunton Ltd.

The $4M DIA funded work also incorporated installing the pressure reduction valve equipment. Once the pressure reduction valve is operational it will regulate the pressure in the pipe network and improve the management of Westport’s water supply.

The majority of the 1.5km pipe section from Scotts Bridge to Kew Rd has also been installed. This stage is part of council’s $1.6M investment into Westport’s water infrastructure included in the 2022-2023 Annual Plan.

The replacement of the pipe connections at McKenna Road and the west side of Scotts Bridge will occur over the first week of August with appropriate traffic management plans in place. Residents have been informed of the construction through a letter drop this week.

Road closures for Stephen Road, between McKenna Road and Scotts Bridge, will be in place from 31 July until the 2 August to ensure the site is safe while contractors are working.

Mr de Boer says: “There are still parts that need to be completed to replace to entire trunk main. This will be subject to the Long-Term Plan 2024 – 2034 process that will seek to endorse further funding.

Once the entire length of the trunk main is replaced it will ensure a fully resilient water supply for Westport and Carters Beach.”

For more information go to council’s website.


For further information please contact:
Manager Infrastructure Delivery
Eric de Boer