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Keeping of Animals Bylaw adopted

21 Dec 2023

Buller District Council’s new Keeping of Animals Bylaw was adopted by council on 13 December 2023 and came into effect on 20 December 2023. 

The intention of the bylaw is to reduce the nuisance caused by domestic animals to neighbours and those living close by. Two phases of public consultation took place prior to the bylaw being adopted, with 63 submissions received in the first round and 33 in the second round. 

Some key changes include that roosters, ganders (male geese) and peacocks are not permitted in urban areas, and the keeping of poultry, bees and pigs are also subject to specific rules in urban areas. 

Other changes include a limit of two cats per property in urban areas, and they must be neutered, microchipped and registered by the age of six months – these provisions are not retrospective and do not affect cats already living in the district. 

Group Manager Regulatory Services Sean Judd says: “After careful consideration of all submissions and listening carefully to speakers at the hearings, we have been able to arrive at the final bylaw.  

We are pleased that a significant number of community members, both groups and individuals, have taken the time to contribute their thoughts.” 

Under the bylaw, the urban areas of Westport, Carters Beach and Reefton have some rules which apply specifically to these areas.  

This recognises the fact that people generally live closer together in urban settings, so some of the negative effects of having animals can be greater in these locations. 

The bylaw also gives council the tools necessary for enforcing the bylaw to reduce any nuisance caused by domestic animals. 

The Regulatory and Hearings Committee held hearings after both submission phases, the most recent of which took place in November. The committee then put forward their final recommendations to council for approval. 


For further information contact:   
Group Manager Regulatory Services  
Sean Judd