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Dredge Kawatiri to be beached this weekend

15 Dec 2023

The dredge Kawatiri will be beached in the Floating Basin over the weekend for assessment and maintenance. 

While in Nelson during the week, the Kawatiri experienced a bow thruster failure. On Thursday night, the decision was made to return to Westport, where the dredge can be beached in the Floating Basin. 

The Kawatiri is due to be beached just after midnight on Friday and could be on the beach for several tide cycles. 

Beaching in Westport Harbour avoids the incidental costs of berthage and slipway charges, which are incurred when repairs and maintenance are carried out in Port Nelson.   

Dredge Master Steve Christieson says: “We will assess the extent of the repairs required whilst beached in the Floating Basin, and if possible, complete the required repairs.”   

The dredge will be beached between the slipway and the launching ramp, as it has been several times over the last few years.  

Once assessed, a decision will be made as to the next course of action appropriate. At this stage this could be a repair on the beach or a return to Nelson for slipping once the slipway becomes available. 


For further information please contact: 

Chief Financial Officer 
Douglas Marshall