Buller District Council

Consent Approval

When your consent application is approved

When your application has been processed and approved the consent is granted and issued but will not be released until any outstanding fees are paid. Any costs over and above the deposit will be invoiced or if the deposit paid is greater than the cost of the consent then the balance will be refunded to you.  A copy of the approved plans will be provided with your consent.  These must be kept on site at all times, and are to be made available to the inspector upon request.

Building work must begin within twelve months of the date the consent was issued or your consent will lapse and no longer be valid.  Council must decide whether to issue or refuse to issue a code compliance certificate within two years from the date the consent was granted.  In either case you may apply to the Council for an extension of time if your circumstances change and you need a bit more time to either start or complete the project


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