Buller District Council


We live in a stunning place so let’s care about the magnificent environment we call home.

Protecting our environment, looking after our district, actively reducing waste, managing responsibly recycling, making conscious purchase decisions, getting involved in local waste minimisation initiatives, is a collective effort and we need you to join us.

The Buller District Council is committed to looking after your district by providing resources, supporting initiatives, sparking off events, partnering with local organisations, and businesses, educating residents and sharing information.

With our effort and your involvement we can create solutions, take actions, and enact change. This requires you to get involved, become part of the solution and be a local hero !

Be a local hero

Many residents already actively minimise their waste, recycle where possible, and make conscious decisions. No matter where you are on the journey to minimise your footprint the Buller District Council wants to support you to be a local hero and do good for our environment.

Key to improving Buller’s waste and recycling footprint is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Your participation is essential to minimise our impact on our home and minimise material that will go to landfill and cannot be recycled.

To support you, businesses, and organisations in this endeavour, this page provides ideas and guidance on how you can make a difference – small or big – to reduce the impact on our environment.

With your support, through your conscious decisions and actions, we not only can keep the Buller District beautiful, we can also avoid significant increase in the cost of dealing with refuse and recycling.


Our long-term vision is to have the community understand their waste consumption, their impact on the environment and commit to refuse, reuse, and recycle choices.

Through education, collaboration, and support Council aims to move the district – towards a circular economy operating sustainably and meeting climate and waste management standards.

Explore how you can contribute to this goal and make a difference today!

Keep updated through our ReduceReuseRecyle facebook page where we share stories, info, links, competitions, and updates about how we can minimise our footprint in the Buller District.


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