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Book a community hall

Please ensure all details are completed below. If this form is not complete, we cannot guarantee your hall booking.

Hire fees

  • Casual hire - $20.00 per hour
  • Weddings - $300.00 (3-day hire)
  • Functions (where alcohol is involved) - $300.00
  • Community events - Negotiable (enough to cover power usage)
  • Chair and table hire - $50.00

Please note: Functions or events that involve the sale of liquor will require a special licence. You will be invoiced at the end of the month of hire.

Contact/ invoicing information
Please enter a valid email address with no spaces before or after.
Details for hire
Please note a special licence will be required if the sale of alcohol is to take place.

Hire agreement terms and conditions

  1. The hirer is required to return the hall to its original set up after event.
  2. The hirer is required to ensure that all used rooms including kitchen and toilets, are left clean and tidy or cleaning charge of $100 may be incurred.
  3. The hirer is liable for repair or damage, or replacement of equipment caused by negligence of hirer or hirer's representative's event.
  4. Hirer is to return the issued key to Brougham House by 5pm on the next working day or a key replacement charge of $25 fee may be incurred.
  5. Loss of the key may incur full lock replacement costs. This will be at the hirers expense.