Buller District Council

Recycling and refuse – zone one

Zone one is a contracted approach, carried out by Smart Environmental Limited. 

What is classified as refuse ? 

  • Refuse is anything which after it is used cannot be recycled. Hence anything that can not go into your recycling bin or glass crate as below is refuse.

What happens with my refuse ? 

  • Refuse is collected weekly from your kerbside. 
  • All refuse needs to be in an official Council bag. These can be purchased from local supermarkets.
  • Refuse is transported to the Westport and Reefton transfer station where it is packed for transport.
  • All refuse generated in zone one is sent to the Nelson landfill to be disposed off.

What is classified as recycling ? 

  • Plastics #1, #2 and #5 are only accepted presuming that they are thoroughly rinsed and clean.
  • Cardboard and paper are continuing, provided they don’t have liquid residue or food contamination. It is important to note that till receipts cannot be recycled, they are made from material which is coated in chemicals.
  • Aluminium tins and glasses continue to be accepted although any food residue prevents them from being recycled. You need to rinse, clean, check.
  • Please see our What can be recycled guide (1.15 Mb) for the full list of what can and can not be recycled in zone one.
  • It is important that you rinse, clean, check your recycling. If items are contaminated they will not be accepted and disposed off as refuse ending up in landfill.

What happens with my recycling ? 

  • Each eligible property has a 60 litre crate for glass recycling which is collected fortnightly.
  • Each eligible property has a 240 litre wheelie bin for all other recycling that is also collected fortnightly.
  • The wheelie bin is for the majority of your recycling. All eligible items go straight into the bin, we no longer need you to separate items and put them in plastic shopping bags. These shopping bags are not eligible for recycling, and need to be disposed of as refuse.
  • Recycling is transported to the Westport and Reefton transfer station where it is checked, sorted, compacted and stored to be send to processing plants. If you want to see what happens once your recycling arrives at the Westport transfer station watch this video.

To contact Smart Environmental Limited, please phone 03 789 6427 or visit their website www.smartenvironmental.co.nz.


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