Buller District Council

What you can do to minimise waste

There is a lot that you can do to minimise your waste. The Ministry for the Environment has some great advice how you can by shopping smarter, host a low waste BBQ or minimize waste at home reduce your contribution to the tones of rubbish filling New Zealand’s landfill each year. For advice, background info and solutions tailored to our home – the Buller District- check out our website and follow our fb page. Be a local hero and do your part to keep our home beautiful !

We encourages businesses and households to do a rubbish audit, identifying products that are unable to be recycled or reused and finding eco-friendly alternatives. Waste audits can have many benefits to a business and household; including significant financial savings, national impact and consumer satisfaction. With food waste, we encourage composting and growing your own produce. Cardboard also proves to be beneficial to composting which in turn improves soil quality.  There are many great national and local organizations that provide resources how you can minimize your waste.

If you love your coffee, get a reusable cup for your TA coffee. We have no recycling facility for TA cups in Buller and they are disposed off as landfill. Many coffee shops in Buller offer reusable cups or even encourage the use of these reusable items. If you want some inspiration , check out these cool cups from IdealCup. 

Food scarps and cardboard is perfect to start a compost and the goodness of your home made compost will enhance the soil quality in your garden. Check out this sweet as video from Mitre 10 and start your compost today reducing your waste. If you need some inspiration and want some more help, get in touch with a community group who runs a community garden like number thirty seven community house .  They have a wonderful garden to get you inspired and these guys offer frequently composting workshops.

There are some easy to implement everyday changes that have a big impactChanging your habits that tiny bit, switching to a more environmental conscious alternative, or even endeavoring on a new hobby like having a garden or starting a compost will save the environment a big chunk of household waste going to landfill, add to your life style and maybe make you that bit more healthier. We feature our top impactful changes in a video to give you a hand and get you inspired. Watch our video and get stuck into it !


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