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Animal Management

Dogs for adoptionAnimal control in New Zealand is governed by legislation – principally the Dog Control Act 1996 along with Buller district’s local bylaws.

Buller District Council undertakes animal control activities to assist in promoting public welfare and safety. This includes overseeing the control of stock and the registration and control of dogs within Buller. The legislation requires territorial authorities to fulfill certain statutory functions regarding dog and stock control.

The following animal control problems are subject to the issuing of infringement notices or prosecution:

  • Roaming dogs and stock
  • Dogs rushing or attacks on persons, pets, stock or wildlife
  • Non compliance with any part of the Dog Control Act 1996

If you have any queries, complaints or problems regarding dog registration, lost or found dogs, barking dogs, dangerous dogs, impounded dogs, wandering stock, dead stock on beaches, please call the Westport Customer Services team or the Reefton office. Complaints will be followed up by Animal Control staff.

For further information on dog ownership and registration, dog exercise and control areas and responsible pet ownership, microchipping, or a copy of our Dog Owners Handbook, please visit Council offices in Westport or Reefton, or check out our links below.

Stock control

The Livestock Movements Bylaw 2010 allows for livestock movements across and along Council controlled roads and State Highways in the Buller District provided certain conditions are met.

Please see below for the full Livestock Movements Bylaw 2010 and permit application form, you can also obtain a copy from Council offices in Westport or Reefton.

Livestock movements that do not meet the bylaw conditions will require written permission before they can proceed. Every person who fails to comply with this bylaw (including breaches of any condition(s) of a permit) is liable to a fine not exceeding $20,000.

Dog ownership

If you or your dog’s details change then you need to let us know so we can update the dog register. If any of the below details apply to you, please advise Council of this change within 14 days.

  • Change of owner of a dog
  • Change of address of a dog
  • Change of postal address of dog owner
  • Change of name of current owner
  • Additional distinguishing markings
  • The recent spaying or neutering of your dog
  • Any correction of incorrect details
  • If your dog has died or gone missing
Notification of change (240Kb)
Dog Registration 2021 (26Mb)

Animal Management Officers for the Buller district

Tracy Judd, Senior Animal Management Officer

For all animal management related issues, you can call our 24hr number 03 788 9111 or 0800 807 239.

For local bylaw information pertaining to animal and stock control, please refer to our section on Bylaws.

Animal and Stock Management related documents:


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