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The Westport Airport Authority is a joint venture operation between the Buller District Council and the Ministry of Transport. Management and control of the airport is vested in the Buller District Council, who oversee operations on a day-to-day basis.


In September 2017 the Westport Airport Authority introduced paid parking for the use of the airport car park. Visitors are welcome to use the car park for up to three hours free so the community can continue to use the car park free of charge to meet and greet passengers and be dropped off or picked up from their flight.

If you wish to leave a car for a longer period the same day return rate is $5 and for overnight it is $10 to a maximum of $40 per week. Concessions are available for frequent users. All revenue gained from parking will be redirected to support the maintenance of airport infrastructure.

The full terms and conditions are available below:
Westport Airport Parking Terms and Conditions(362Kb)

For further information on the Westport Airport, please contact Airport Manager, Kim Campbell on 03 280 8636 or you can email by clicking here.


Sounds Air Flight services

Buller District Council and Sounds Air are delighted to announce their partnership in bringing the West Coast a new airline service following the departure of Air New Zealand in April 2015.

We are now able to deliver an improved schedule to residents which meet the needs of our business community alongside options for recreational users.

The new service utilises a modern pressurised nine seat aircraft – the Pilatus PC12. This high class, turbo prop, single engine passenger plane is supported by the renowned Swiss company Pilatus International.

Schedule from September 2019:


Online Fare: Adults- $199   Children- $179

Standard Fare: Adults- $219   Children- $199

Discounted Ten Trip Tickets available- Phone Reservations on 0800 505 005

For online Bookings click Here

Rental vehicles from Airport

There are currently two rental car companies based from the Westport Airport. For bookings or more information please contact the companies directly.

Information for Airport Users / Facilities

Other regular airport users include crop dusters, recreational flyers and business charter flights, with the New Zealand military forces utilising the airport on occasion for training purposes.

Fuel Facilities

In 2008 Council commissioned a new fuel facility that sells Avgas and Jet A1, a BP swipe card is all you need to access this supply.

Runway Lighting

Also in 2008, Council installed a new Pilot activated runway lighting system, this can be turned on by approaching aircraft from 16kms away, on PAL 119 1 transmit 5 pulses of 0.3 Sec duration within 3 seconds activates the lights for 30 minutes.

Landing Charges

For landing charges, click on the pdf below


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