Buller District Council

Improvements to Westport and Greymouth ports

11th September, 2020

An application for funding from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) has resulted in funding being made available for renovations and improvements to wharf and berthing facilities at Greymouth and Westport ports. The project is important to support ongoing growth in the fishing industry and provide fit-for-purpose infrastructure in both regions.

The fishing industry will provide a range of economic activity and employment in the West Coast region. As part of the project, concrete floating pontoons and gangways will be installed to better accommodate the fishing fleet.

The tender documents for the floating pontoons and gangways has been prepared over the past two months and is now being presented to the open market via GETS.  This process will seek proposals from experienced and capable companies to manufacture and install those floating pontoons and gangways.

It is critical that the infrastructure provided under this contract is robust and will withstand berthing movements from the fishing fleet, which includes heavy vessels up to 20m in length. The pontoons are designed for a minimum 30-year design life and therefore the project requires companies who are experienced and have a proven substantial track record in supply and installation of concrete floating pontoons.

As a regional project, it is also important that the successful tenderer supports the objectives of boosting jobs, training and subcontractor opportunities in the West Coast region.  The project will also bring other values to the region which may include meals, accommodation, transport and local engineering support.

This particular tender process is limited to the supply and installation of concrete floating pontoons and gangways as part of the overall project. It does not include a range of associated works including piling, dredging and wharf renovations, which will be delivered by local suppliers via a separate processes.  The project is part of the wider regeneration program of works for our vital ports and the region can expect a range of tenders in the coming months where they can participate in the works.

The engineer’s estimate for the project works required in this procurement is in the region of $4.6M – $5.1M.

The Buller and Grey District Councils, Iwi, together with Provincial Growth Fund administration, have a keen interest in this project as it has the potential to deliver long-term regional economic benefits that give effect to the objectives of all three organisations.


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