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Buller’s next 10–year plan - Your thoughts, your plan, your community's future, let's bring it together.

As we embark on shaping Buller’s next 10-year plan together with our community, we want to hear from you.

What’s the fuss about this 10-year plan?

The Buller District Council’s plan for the next 10 years is also called the Long-Term Plan (LTP) and it will cover 2024 – 2034. It is a big document (yep lots of pages) that most people don't have time to read or understand how it impacts significantly on your daily life in our beautiful Buller.

In a nutshell, it outlines Council's goals and what Council aims to do in the coming 10 years and how we plan to pay for this. It also sets out the BIG PICTURE thinking in the vision and general direction for our district moving forward. It gives the reasons behind what we do, includes the actions we commit to and tell you how much that will cost and how we believe we can pay for it.

Have ever wondered why we invest in that water pipe? This document should give you an explanation as to why, how much we intend to spend on it and when that pipe should go in the ground.

As you will see, there is a lot in it. Very importantly, every three years we take this document back to the drawing board and set the course for the following 10 years.

To steer the course for the next 10 years, decide where the money should go and what projects and priorities we should focus on, we have asked our Buller communities what they want our district to look like in the coming 10-years for you, your mates, kids or whānau.

It is YOUR district, YOUR plan and YOUR future!

What did our community tell us about Buller's next 10-year plan?

In November 2023, as part of preparation for the 2023–2034 Long Term Plan, we asked the community what their vision and priorities for the next 10 years were.

During five weeks of polls, surveys and conversations, the community put their voice on the table, shaping Buller’s next 10-year plan.

Find out what the community told us here.

We want to keep the conversation going!

We have talked a lot, and we will continue to keep you in the loop about how we are tracking right through to the adoption of the final 2024 - 2034 Long-Term Plan in June 2024.  

Stay up to date and see Buller’s next 10-year plan taking shape by signing up to our e-newsletter. We will also keep issuing news articles, publish updates in local publications, put news out through our social channels, and, of course, keep our website updated.


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