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For all information in regard to the new building consent exemptions click here  or download the Building work consent not required guide (10Mb)

Take a look at Buildit to find out which building projects don’t need building consent, and the details for each type of non-consented building project.

Are you ready to go ? This is what you need to know

If you want to start a building project that doesn’t require a building consent, you should hire the right professional required or you can do it yourself if a professional is not required, provided you follow the MBIE guidance.

All exempt building work must meet the Building Code as well as other relevant legislation.

It is the building owner’s responsibility to check whether a building consent is required. If the work that you are planning falls outside of the specified requirements, you will need to get a building consent.

If you’re not sure if you need consent, ask for advice from somebody with appropriate building knowledge and expertise.

MBIE have recently released learning modules to help those who are new to the building code and carrying out work in the building and construction sector.
NZ Building Regulatory System Modules

Whatever you do – stick to the law

The Building Act 2004 has a list of building work that doesn’t require a building consent. This information is contained in the 1st Schedule of the Act and can be located on the at New Zealand Legislation website.

Section 17 of the Building Act 2004 states that all building work must comply with the Building Code. Independent legal or technical advice should be sought to establish whether proposed building work is exempt.

While the Building Act provides for exemptions there might be other laws that you need to comply with. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Get in touch if you require a review

You may apply to Council for review of your project to see whether it meets the exemption requirements. Applications must be made on the  Application for exemption form that can be found under Building Application Forms  

There will be a fee charged for this service.


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