Buller District Council

General property enquiry

Do you want to know about using the empty Council land next door ? Spotted a bit of land and you are interested in developing for future use ? Have a property question and unsure whether you need to seek further advice from the planning or building teams?

To assist you with these general property enquiries please use the General Property Enquiry Form.

This form collects key information about the property along with your contact details, so we can forward your enquiry to the correct department and answer you faster.

To play your part, fill out the form, attach an WestMaps aerial photo of the property ( get this here ) and send your enquiry to customerservices@bdc.govt.nz.

You can drop the completed form into our Brougham House office in Westport or at our Service Centre in Reefton. Please make sure you have all the required details and the printed photo/map with you.

If you enquiring about a property via email, we will direct you to this form. So why not jump this step and start the process with filling out the form, and get the information to us first, so we can answer you faster.

We aim to respond to you in three working days with confirmation that a service request has been lodged on your behalf and the associated reference number should you wish to follow anything up.


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