Buller District Council

RAPID numbers

The Rural Address Property Identification System (RAPID) is a standard numbering system for rural properties. The system is based on the distance to a property entrance from a clearly defined reference point, usually the beginning of the road on which it is located.

A plate with the allocated RAPID number is attached on to a gatepost or other place at the entrance to the property where it can be easily seen from the road.

As RAPID numbers are allocated, this information is sent to Landonline, Land Information New Zealand’s national property database. Emergency services then have access to this information so they can quickly and accurately locate rural properties. Quoting a RAPID number may also reduce delays in waiting for service connections and ensure that visitors and contractors can easily locate your property.

In order to supply a RAPID number Council requires accurate information to identify the property and the property location.

Please refer to the documents below for further information on RAPID Numbers, and a RAPID number application form.
RAPID information (334Kb)
RAPID application form (196Kb)


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