Buller District Council

Are You Recycling Right?

13th November, 2014

The recycling collection service that is available to Zone One of the Buller district has been running for just over nine months with the majority of residents responding to the service in a positive way and Council would like to thank those of you for your effort.

However, there are some that are not using the service correctly which is causing problems for both Council and Smart Environmental Limited.

There are two issues that have been steadily increasing. The first is the level of non-recyclable items that are going into the wheelie bins. Things such as plastic shopping bags are common but also general household refuse which is obviously not recyclable is making its way into the bins.

The second issue is people not rinsing items that need to be, such as containers that have had food or liquid in them.

“I would like to remind residents to use the service in an appropriate manner. If you are unsure of what is recyclable there are many ways you can check. There is details on the top of your bin or if you have lost the information that was delivered with your bin then you can check on Council’s website” urges Mayor Garry Howard.

It has been noticed that some wheelie bins have recyclable material on top appearing as they are supposed to but the bottom is actually refuse.

Council has looked into options to address this issue. If the level of refuse in wheelie bins doesn’t decrease, cameras will be installed on the collection truck that will monitor what comes out of the wheelie bins, therefore any non-recyclable items will be identified on-site. Properties that are identified will have the bins removed from the property and the service will no longer be available to those properties.

Unfortunately, having to implement cameras would lead to an increase in the subsidy that Council pays to the contractor, which in turn would lead to an increase on the targeted rate that all Zone One ratepayers pay.

“I hope that reminding people to be mindful of what they think they are recycling and how they are doing so, is enough to help reduce the issues with the service, as installing cameras is a drastic measure which I hope we don’t need to use. The service overall is going well and it is a shame that there are some that are not using it correctly” comments the Mayor.

Recycling calendars for December 2014 to November 2015 are now available. A copy of the calendar was sent out to all Zone One ratepayers with the last rate demand. If you would like a copy of the calendar, you can download it by clicking here or pick one up from Council offices in Westport and Reefton and the Sue Thomson Casey Memorial Library.


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