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Ten reasons to move to Buller

Photo by Richard Rossiter

1              It’s simply better in Buller.

2              Work – with so much construction and development going on we need workers.

3              The pace is relaxed – you won’t find big city hustle and bustle here we keep it chilled at a relaxed pace.

4              Housing – you can still buy a comfortable home for $250,000. And there’s loads of land if you’d rather build.

5              Getting around – we don’t know what traffic jams are, we don’t even have traffic lights or parking wardens.

6              The people – it’s all about community so we’re pretty proud about how good we are at watching out for each other.

7              Untamed wilderness – the great outdoors is at your doorstep. Fishing, rowing, kayaking, surfing, boating, mountain biking, hiking, walking – all just minutes away from wherever you are.

8              Support for start-up businesses – Development West Coast is ready and waiting to deliver support to start-up businesses.

9              Kid friendly – just like it used to be, kids are free to ride, roam, and explore, and loads of clubs and activities for them to get involved with.

10           Pet friendly – loads of beaches and parks to walk your fur baby or ride your horse on the beach.

Westport Newcomers

If you are thinking of moving to the Buller district, there is a service available to help new people to the area become established and involved in the communities throughout Buller.

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