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Freedom Camping in Buller

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The Buller District Council Freedom Camping Bylaw came into force on 30 August 2012. Amendments to this Bylaw came into force on 29 November 2018.

Pursuant to section 11 of the Freedom Camping Act 2011 (the Act), the Buller District Council makes this Freedom Camping Bylaw (2012).

The Bylaw applies to areas only under the control of the Buller District Council, within the Buller district.

The number of visitors to the Buller district using motorhomes as alternative accommodation, and others who choose to camp outside of licensed camping grounds, has focused public attention on issues such as disposal of grey water and refuse, protection of local flora and fauna, and maintaining access to all public areas. As such, this Bylaw is intended to encourage responsible freedom camping.

The Bylaw recognises freedom camping as a convenient way to experience our easy lifestyle and beautiful environment, and as part of our traditional Kiwi culture and as a valued tourist experience. It also recognises that many freedom campers bring economic and social benefits to the areas they visit, and their continued custom is to be encouraged.

Therefore, the Bylaw aims to find a balance between the needs and expectations of the local community with those of freedom campers visiting our district.

Please see below for the Freedom Camping pamphlet, the Freedom Camping Control Bylaw and the Summary of Rights in regard to a Freedom Camping Infringement.

Summary of Rights- Freedom Camping Infringement (122Kb)

No freedom camping zones

(a)       Oparara River mouth, west of Kohaihai Road, Karamea.
(b)       Flagstaff, Karamea.
(c)       Beach access tracks at the Dolphin Reserve, Hector, on the north side of the         Ngakawau River.
(d)       The full length of both Buller River Tipheads: True left Tiphead from Marrs Beach to the northern extent, and true right Tiphead from Craddock Drive to the northern extent, Westport.
(e)       All areas of Marrs Beach, east of Tiphead Road, Westport.
(f)        Both north and south adjacent parking areas of the eastern end of the Buller Bridge, Westport.
(g)       Carters Beach Domain from Golf Links Road to the Top 10 Holiday Park, Carters Beach.
(h)       Tui Dellaca Reserve, Old Beach Road, adjacent to the public toilet, and the large grass area on the south side of Tauranga Beach Road, Tauranga Bay.
(i)         Okari Road, from the causeway to the Okari River lagoon.
(j)         The first layby to the north of the Nile River mouth, Charleston.
(k)        Turnaround area at the end of Hands Road, Charleston.
(l)         Constant Bay, Charleston.
(m)      Joyce Bay, Charleston.
(n)       All areas from the Fox River market entrance (junction with State Highway 6) southwards to the Buller District boundary at the Punakaiki River, Punakaiki (excluding the State Highway corridor).
(o)       Bridge Street from Broadway to The Strand, and The Strand from Bridge Street up to, and including, the Reefton Swimming Pool carpark, Reefton.
(p)       All cemeteries within the Buller district

The link below will take you to the New Zealand Government website which has further details in regards to Freedom Camping

Rules for Freedom Camping in New Zealand Resource


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