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Storm and wastewater projects underway around Buller

26 May 2023

A range of projects are getting underway over the coming weeks to focus on repairing and upgrading stormwater and wastewater connections in Westport, Reefton and Waimangaroa.

Manager infrastructure delivery Eric de Boer says: “This is all part of our planned programme of repairs and service upgrades that we had scheduled for 2022 –2023. The work is largely funded by rates and has been included in our last Annual Plan.

It is great to see that these three major wastewater projects in Westport and Reefton will be finalised over the coming month.”

The work includes installation of a new 300mm main and lateral wastewater connection to four properties replacing the collapsing main at Western- Roebuck Street (Westport). This will start early June. East Pakington Street in Westport will see a replacement of 130m of existing wastewater main that has significant breaks which were identified through CCTV. This is commencing mid-June.

At Buller Road in Reefton approx. 140m of existing wastewater mains will be relined prior to significant road works. Council is awaiting the contractor to confirm the start date.

Mr de Boer says: “We are aware that there are issues with our wastewater and stormwater system and the upgrades and repairs will help to minimise some of these in location where it is particularly needed.”

A new stormwater main for northern Menzies Street, Westport is another of the larger projects getting underway. This involves the installation of a new sump and mains connection to Roebuck Street to deal with stormwater run-off in the area and a low stormwater/wastewater separation for adjacent properties.

Mr de Boer says: “Apart from the big projects we have quite a few smaller projects that will get underway during the remainder of May and June.”

These include:

  • 91 Domett St, Westport: Stormwater – Kerb and channel to finish, plus reseal
  • Brougham St Plaza, Westport: (west end of Brougham Street): Stormwater replacement
  • Neighbours St, Waimangaroa: Stormwater repair
  • Westport: Wastewater patch repairs – Identified from smoke testing ongoing works
  • Hughes Place, Westport: Wastewater pipe replacement for severely blocked older pipe.

Mr de Boer says: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused over the coming month when our contractor will be out and do the work.

However, the upgrades and repairs are important to improve the resilience of the district’s water infrastructure. We please ask residents to be patient.”


further information please contact:
Manager Infrastructure Delivery
Eric de Boer