Buller District Council

Media Release: Westport Water Supply Tender for Overland Pipe Project

19th July, 2018

Buller District Council has moved to release the Request for Tender for the Westport Water Supply Overland Pipe Project.

An open tender process will commence next week with a closing date at the end of August. This will provide a six week tender period, considered appropriate for a contract of this size and significance.

Council has completed substantial preparation work to ensure that the project is set up for success. This includes more defined levels of technical design, scope of work, risk controls and environmental assessments.

“We’ve done our homework, and now have a really good handle on the overland pipe solution, which wasn’t the case a few months ago. We knew it was the right idea, we just lacked the detail or assurance to proceed,” said Assets and Infrastructure Group Manager Mike Duff, “While there will still be challenges ahead, by assessing the options and putting in the effort upfront, we have been able to reduce project uncertainty. And that was our task.”

Council has undertaken stakeholder engagement and lodged a comprehensive resource consent application for the project. “The decision to go to tender now is appropriate considering our current status. We have the ability to capture any approval conditions arising. The tenderers can then make allowances in their bid, which will avoid unnecessary delays,” said Mr Duff.

Once the tenders have been received and evaluated, more will be known in regard to the project completion date. Council will keep the community informed on progress.

Mr Duff is pleased with the performance of the current Westport Water supply, “While never getting complacent, it has been great to see the result of system improvements. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Council and WestReef staff, we have maintained high reservoir levels averaging 96% this year, while reducing operating costs by 30%. That has been critical in providing breathing space to find the best long-term solution for the community.”

“We are fixing the water as promised, working to our processes and service level commitments of better planning, better implementation and better outcomes,” said Mr Duff.


For more information please contact:
Mike Duff – mike@bdc.govt.nz


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