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Media Release – Reefton water supply upgrade work package – Request for tender

2nd July, 2020
The Buller District Council has released a request for tender for the Reefton water supply upgrade work package.  The Reefton water supply serves the district’s second largest town of around 927 people and requires significant upgrade works to ensure a safe, compliant drinking water and ‘fit for future’ infrastructure. This is putting into action the […] Read more »


14th May, 2020
Consumers connected to the Cape Foulwind Rural Water Supply are advised that WestReef Services Ltd will be shutting down the water supply on FRIDAY 15 MAY 2020 from 9.00am until approximately 4.00pm. Please note that this shutdown will affect ALL consumers on the Cape Foulwind Rural Water Supply. The shutdown will allow for the replacement […] Read more »

Media Release – Council Services at Alert Level 2

13th May, 2020
Buller District Council will be opening its offices in Westport and Reefton at COVID-19 alert level 2. Brougham House in Westport will open from Thursday 14 May between 8.30am and 4.30pm, and the Reefton Service Centre and Post Shop will open from Monday 18 May between 10am and 2pm. Public health measures will be in […] Read more »

Media Release – Profit no windfall

5th May, 2020
Buller District Council says the projected $925,000 ‘profit’ as stated in the draft Annual Plan is not a windfall. Mayor Jamie Cleine says the $952,000 ‘profit’ does not mean the Council made money at the expense of the ratepayer. “In simple terms under required accounting standards, the revenue of Council contains subsidies for capital expenditure […] Read more »

Media Release – Reefton Water Supply

5th May, 2020
Buller District Council is encouraging community feedback on the upgrade of the Reefton Water Supply through the draft Annual Plan community consultation process. The community consultation process enables anyone to make a submission about Council’s planned works and its budget for the next financial year, which is due to start on 1 July 2020. Council’s […] Read more »


28th April, 2020
Consumers on the Punakaiki Water Supply are advised that the Boil Water Notice issued to the water supply on 22 April 2020 has now been replaced with a Precautionary Boil Water Notice. Potential issues with water quality that instigated last week’s Boil Water Notice have now been resolved. However, all unchlorinated water supplies in Buller, […] Read more »

Media Release – Reefton Water Supply

24th April, 2020
Council will meet on Wednesday 29 April to consider a proposal to upgrade Reefton’s water supply. Reefton is currently on a precautionary Boil Water Notice (BWN), which on advice from Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB), will not be lifted until the system can demonstrate adequate protection against the recontamination of treated water. Council staff have […] Read more »

Media Release – Change to rates rebate application process

23rd April, 2020
Usually rates rebate application forms must be signed and witnessed because they are a statutory declaration stating the information included on the form is full and correct. Under COVID-19 Level 4 and 3 Council cannot witness ratepayers signing the application form in person. As a result, there has been a change to enable rates rebates […] Read more »


18th April, 2020
Consumers on the Punakaiki Water Supply are advised that a Boil Water Notice is in effect immediately due to the need to introduce raw water into the reticulation. This Boil Water Notice replaces the Precautionary Boil Water Notice that was issued to the supply at the beginning of the Covid-19 Level 4 Lockdown. An intermittent […] Read more »

Media Statement – Council’s plans to restore economy

15th April, 2020
Buller District Council says the district is well prepared for the economic impacts of COVID-19 because it has already planned how to restore the district’s economy following some major blows in recent years. Mayor Jamie Cleine says: “Despite this, Buller’s people remain resolute, focused and strong. Through a considered and strategic approach, we can now […] Read more »
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