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Update for Reefton’s library service

12 Dec 2022

Following the recent, successful amalgamation of the Reefton Visitor Centre and Reefton Service Centre to become the Reefton Visitor and Service Centre, a reduced size, temporary library has been established, so the community have continuous access to library services whilst the permanent library space has necessary building work done.

Due to some structural changes needed within the space designated for the permanent home for the library, building works will be completed in full before the final library can be opened. The timeline for these works was delayed.

The amalgamation was always planned to be completed in a staged approach. The library is going into the old BNZ part of the Visitor and Service Centre, the space and light in there will be wonderful for our readers and users of the service.

Council’s group manager community services Krissy Trigg says: “Although the delays on the new library space are not ideal, the finished library will be a great experience for our users. and it is important that we first ensure the space is safe for public use.

We encourage the community to come in and see the temporary set-up. The books we currently have on display were selected carefully by library staff to give the community a wide selection of books to suit all interests, given the limited space.”

Council will review this temporary library area, and the lighting, in the coming weeks to better provide a welcoming and relaxing space.

Ms Trigg says: “The entire Reefton collection is still available. Customers can put reserves on library items not on display, for staff to retrieve and have available for collection at a designated time. Library staff are incredibly customer focussed so are very happy and willing to assist with these requests.

Reefton library users also have access to the library items held in the Westport library using the reserves service.”

Before moving the full library collection into the permanent space, as per policy, Council will undertake a Tender process to complete the next stage of works.

Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) computer hardware and high-speed internet will once again be available in the new building in the coming weeks. Delays to relocate this much-enjoyed free service was due to external providers being unable to secure contractors.

In terms of public meeting space, The Country Women’s Institute building located on Smith Street / Buller Road will be made available free of charge, so community groups can gather and reconnect. Bookings for this building can be made via the Reefton Visitor and Service Centre.

Ms Trigg says: “We appreciate and thank the Inangahua County Library community for their patience with the changes.

The amalgamation was the first stage of this project and was designed to get staff operational and settled. We are excited about the changes ahead and moving into the permanent home for the library, hopefully within the first quarter of 2023.”





For more information contact:
Group Manager Community Services

Krissy Trigg