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Security measures ramped up at the Westport Transfer Station

13 Oct 2023

Nine new CCTV cameras have recently been installed at the Westport Transfer Station with the goal of improving the site’s security. This will address multiple security incidents which have occurred within the past year. 

Footage from these cameras is directly linked to an offsite recorder with remote access. This allows approved staff to review the footage in case of security incidents. This offsite device ensures that the footage is secure and protected from damage, unauthorised access or theft. 

Signage around the site lets visitors know that the facility has CCTV cameras operating 24 hours a day. 

In addition to the cameras, a security alarm system has been put in place, which includes security lighting. The alarm and lighting system activates in response to any disturbance detected after the Transfer Station has closed. This ensures a rapid response if needed outside operational hours. Additional security fencing will be installed along Craddock Drive in the upcoming months. 

All these security improvements are part of a $350,000 Transfer Stations Upgrade Project, funded by general rates, which started in October 2022 and is expected to be completed in April 2024.  

The project has already delivered several improvements, including the installation of a new weighbridge system in Westport, repairs to recycling storage sheds at the Reefton Transfer Station, new roof cladding, and framing and electrical repairs at the recycling sorting sheds in Westport. 

Other improvements include the construction of a pole shelter over the Westport weighbridge office, new heating and electrical fixtures and fittings inside the Westport office, and the installation of new entrance gates at the Westport and Reefton Transfer Stations. 


For further information please contact: 
Juliana Ruiz 
Waste Management Coordinator