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New Zealand Transport Agency announces indicative funding for Buller District transport maintenance and operations

12 Jun 2024

New Zealand Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA) has announced indicative funding for Buller’s road network maintenance and operations for the 2024-27 period through the National Land Transport Programme. This follows Buller District Council’s submission, prepared collaboratively with Grey and Westland District Councils, to make a strong, well-reasoned and justified network maintenance and operations bid. 

The funding announced is specific to the Local Road Pothole Prevention, Operations, Bridge and Structure Renewals, and Public Transport Services Activity Classes. NZTA now provides 75% of the funding for this expenditure, this financial assistance rate support has increased from the current 2021-24 period further shifting the burden away from ratepayers.  

Compared to the current programme, Buller District Council sought funding for enhanced network maintenance and operations, seeking to achieve improved asset condition and levels of service, road safety outcomes, network resilience, and economic productivity. Buller District Council’s total network maintenance and operations funding request, including the local share and NZTA share, was $24.45 million for local roads.  

NZTA has announced an indicative allocation of $22.95 million for local roads. While this is $1.51 million (6%) below the requested amount it is a $10.08 million (78%) increase in funding compared to the current 2021-24 programme. This is a significant step change in funding for Buller’s local roads and will enable proactive maintenance to improve network condition and our ability to undertake network management and our bridges and structure programme. 

Considering the challenging funding conditions, Buller District Council’s indicative allocation is positive news. NZTA’s investment in local road maintenance has increased by 37%, so the 78% increase to Buller’s programme is significantly above the national average. With this increased investment council staff and contractors will be working to deliver efficiencies by better managing existing infrastructure to improve performance and deliver value for money outcomes. 

NZTA has also announced $5.5 million indicative funding for maintenance of the Karamea Highway Special Purpose Road, which remains 100% funded by NZTA. While this is an increase from the current 2021-24 programme, it is substantially less than Buller District Council requested, and council staff are working with the NZTA Investment Advisors to understand why. 

This is just part of the total programme Buller District Council has requested funding for. Yet to be announced NLTP Activity Classes include Walking and Cycling, Low-Cost Low-Risk capital projects, and Road Safety Promotion initiatives. NZTA will release indicative allocations over the coming months with final budgets announced in late August. 

Below is a summary of NZTA’s indicative allocations for 2024-27 and a comparison with the 2021-24 period: 

Table showing roading funding figure comparisons 2021-24 and 2024-27


For further information please contact:
Manager Infrastructure Delivery
Eric de Boer