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NBS Theatre receives new roof

17 Feb 2023

Work to replace the entire roof of the NBS Theatre was completed this week.

The work marks an essential repair for Westport’s main cultural and entertainment venue.

The NBS Theatre’s roof needed replacing due to leaks allowing water into the building and damaging the main stage.

Group manager community services Krissy Trigg explains: “The venue was repurposed in 2010 and the roof was due for replacement in line with our asset management plan.

However, due to material and contractor shortage in the last few years, the project was delayed until now.”

The reroofing work is costing $177,000 and is financed out of council’s annual plan.

Theatre manager Debbie Crackett outlines: “We are very happy that this repair job has now gone ahead and is now complete. Repairs to the stage have been ongoing however they have not affected shows.”

The reroof was carried out by local company TRT Builders who started reroofing on Monday this week. Scaffolding company Nayland Scaffold put scaffold up last week in preparation for the builders.

“It is great to work with local contractors. The TRT team did a great job and thanks to the amazing weather this week, everything went smoothly and they finished the job as planned on Friday.”

Mrs Crackett says: “The new roof will give the NBS Theatre many more years of housing entertainment and culture events in Westport.”

The NBS Theatre is a council run facility.


For more information please contact:
Krissy Trigg
Group Manager Community Services