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Mobile dental clinic for Reefton

18 Feb 2022

A new state-of-the-art mobile dental bus for adults will visit Reefton in late March 2022.

Reefton’s Socio-economic development officer Rachel Fifield spotted an opportunity for her town when she heard about the development of the new mobile surgery.

“The children in our community are catered for with mobile dental buses that visit the schools, but there aren’t any dental services for adults. So, I made contact and suggested they come to Reefton.”

It has since been confirmed that the Nelson-based bus will come to Reefton on 28 March to 1 April as part of its Buller District clinics.

Ms Fifield worked collaboratively with manager of the Reefton Visitor Centre Trish Keereweer to advocate on behalf of the community to the surgery’s provider Access Dental in Nelson. And to secure a site at Reefton Area School which has three-phase power and wifi.

“Trish and I have worked together to make this happen and we’re stoked that it’s coming.

Continuation of the service will depend on the number of bookings made. Use it or lose it is the way it will work.”

The bus will be in Reefton for five days between 28 March and 1 April. Services available include scaling, and polishing to prevent gum disease and tooth decay and teeth whitening. These dental treatments will be delivered by Paula Palmer, a specialist dental hygienist.

Paula Palmer from Access Dental Ltd encourages Reefton residents to book their hygienist appointment now and keep an eye out for when the bus returns to Reefton to offer additional dental procedures.

This service does not require a vaccination pass.

To make your appointment call 03 548 3971.


For more information please contact:
Rachel Fifield
Reefton Socio-economic Development Officer