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Improvements made to Westport Airport fencing

11 May 2023

Areas of fencing bordering Westport Airport and Carters Beach have been upgraded to improve safety.

Airport staff had noticed that sand had built up next to the existing fence due to wind and harsh weather, effectively lowering the fence height and increasing the risk of people entering airport space without permission.

Efforts were made last year to move the sand away from the fence using a tractor to restrict access. However, a member of the public was found to have inappropriately entered an operational area of the airport in March of this year via the Carters Beach fence.

Group manager community services Krissy Trigg says: “Breaching this security fence creates a huge safety risk to not only the individual involved but to the public and all airport users. The fence is there for safety and the security of our airfield.”

The new fence stands two metres high. The section of fence involved is approximately 120 metres long. 


further information please contact:
Group manager community services
Krissy Trigg