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Expressions of interest for subcommittees open now

10 Nov 2022

The Buller District Council is seeking expressions of interest from community members to join one of its subcommittees.

Residents can submit their expression of interest from 9am Thursday 10 November to 9am Thursday 24 November 2022. Reserve and hall subcommittees work with Council to manage the many reserves and halls in our district. There is also a local arts funding subcommittee.

Council’s group manager community services, Krissy Trigg says: “This is a great opportunity for people to get involved in the running of their community assets. Halls and reserves are at the heart of a lot of our small communities, providing spaces for people to meet, learn, and celebrate together.

Joining a subcommittee will allow residents to provide a local voice to Council in how these facilities are managed. It’s also a great chance to volunteer for your community, get to know people, and learn about the processes involved in governance.”

A panel including the Mayor, a Councillor, and Council staff will consider the applications received for each subcommittee and put a recommendation to Council, with a decision expected to be made by mid-December.

The twelve reserve and hall subcommittees are as follows:

  • Reefton Reserve Subcommittee
  • Seddonville Reserve Subcommittee
  • Karamea Reserve Subcommittee
  • Mokihinui Reserve and Hall Subcommittee
  • Carters Beach Reserve and Hall Subcommittee
  • Springs Junction/Maruia Reserve and Hall Subcommittee
  • Little Wanganui Reserve and Hall Subcommittee
  • Ngakawau/Hector Reserve and Hall Subcommittee
  • Waimangaroa Reserve and Hall Subcommittee
  • Omau Reserve Subcommittee
  • Inangahua Junction Hall Subcommittee
  • Mawheraiti Reserve and Hall Subcommittee

There are also expressions of interest sought for Council’s Creative New Zealand Community Funding Subcommittee. This group is tasked with making decisions on applications to a local pool of arts funding received annually from Creative New Zealand.

Subcommittees are included within the Council’s governance structure and ensure that decisions are made at a localised level. Council staff liaise with the subcommittees and provide support where needed.

Reserves throughout Buller include campgrounds, community halls and community reserves. Subcommittees can therefore deal with a wide range of issues, projects and responsibilities.

Ms Trigg says “The development of Reserve Management Plans for each reserve, in partnership with each subcommittee, will be a priority. This will assist the subcommittees in their future financial planning and identifying potential projects.

It is great to see local community ownership taking place via these subcommittees, some amazing projects and improvements have taken place lately and in the past. We really encourage people to consider how their skills could help their community and think about making an expression of interest”.

Terms or Reference for the hall and reserve subcommittees and the Creative Communities subcommittee outline the role, responsibilities, Council’s duties and the delegated powers.

For more information, including expression of interest forms and terms of reference, see Council’s website or visit one of Council’s offices in Westport or Reefton.


For more information contact:
Group Manager Community Services
Krissy Trigg